What is COSPFLIX?  COSPFLIX is an independent dynamic 24-hour Christian full-service multi-media-based distribution ministry. COSPFLIX streams world-wide online, cable, satellite TV, and through mass media. COSPFLIX delivers programming, services, and exceptional entertainment experiences well above those of a traditional production company.  We make it easy for viewers to access their favorite content, streaming on their desktop, laptop, computers, tablets, game consoles and smart phones in the U.S. and internationally. COSPFLIX is designed for music-related strategy for television, specials, concerts, live events, and produces entertainment driven projects.

COSPFLIX has one of the largest independently owned film libraries, is the fastest growing platform for Christian entertainment, and is dedicated to providing quality programming, productions, movies, videos, music, movies, films, documentaries, entertainment, TV series, sitcoms, comedy, drama, news, sports, original series, original movies, reality TV, featured films and syndicated reruns, the entire family will enjoy. Viewers are able to view the latest productions, trailers, movie clips, film festivals, indie films, film reviews, features, newest releases, music videos, plays and content for upcoming films at,, and