Go behind the scenes and discover the art and creativity of the making of movies, music, films and television with Executive Producer, TV & Radio host Sharon Taylor Online. Behind the Scenes with Sharon Taylor is for the music, television and film industry as well as media platforms. The program features and highlights the artist creativity and seeks to illuminate the artists and producers in the business of film, television, productions and the media. The show feature interviews with celebrities and leaders delivering messages on various topics as well as interviews with businesses, ministries, organizations, concerts, events, interviews, community events and TV productions.

Sharon is a motivational speaker and business consultant. Her background experience is mainly in motivation and empowerment through Christian events and entertainment. Her involvement in entertainment and sports as a youth, inspires her to be involved with individuals that are interested in sports, entertainment, productions, and the media industry. She has witnessed many entertainer’s careers shattered due to abuse of drugs and alcohol, which contributed to her public speaking experience in the U.S. Army, speaking on topics relating to Professional/Personal development, Violence in schools, Leadership, Living Single, Empowerment, Women and Men concerns. Sharon believes it is important to be involved in economic development within communities and knows that one person can make a difference. She is multi-talented in writing, songwriting, actress, publishing, playwright, psalmist/singer, and dancing.

Sharon Taylor is the most inspirational woman in talk TV and radio that delivers forward, free thinking, entertaining, liberal news and opinions that challenge the status quo and amplifies free speech. Sharon is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Sharon Taylor Productions, located in Hollywood, Ca. Sharon is a military veteran and advocates Christian productions through websites SharonTaylorProductions.com, CIMDB.pro, CIMDB.tv, COSPFLIX.com, COSPTVRADIO.com and COSPTVRADIO.net