Standards concerning use of Sharon Taylor Production

Sharon Taylor Productions hereby sets forth its standards concerning use of Sharon Taylor Productions. Sharon Taylor Productions is dedicated to the creation and promotion of quality programming by Producers. The following standards shall apply on and after February 3, 2020.


Producers – Want to create a TV Channel on COSP TV & Radio Mass Media Network and Sharon Taylor Productions websites,,,,, and COSP TV IS FOR PRODUCTIONS AND MUSIC ONLY!

 General Guidelines

  • To be acceptable for Sharon Taylor Productions, programming must be produced and designed by the Producer.
  • Shows/Programs must be submitted in 29- or 58-minute segments.
  • Commercials permitted.
  • Shows/Programs that include obscene material will not be accepted.
  • Non-original shows/programs will be broadcast only by approval of the Traffic Coordinator. All Producers airing programs on Sharon Taylor Productions cable or satellite stations must pay VIP membership fees. Programs that are delivered without fee(s) or payment in advance will not air. Failure to remit program fees will result in the program being removed from the program schedule. Removal from the program schedule forfeit’s the time slot for that program.
  • If a program is removed from the program schedule, the slot will be filled with programs from the Sharon Taylor Productions waiting list. To re-establish a program on the Sharon Taylor Productions programming schedule once it is removed, the Producer must be added to Sharon Taylor Productions waiting list.

Scheduling Standards

  • A Producer may continue to broadcast the program for which a slot has been assigned in the date where specified in the Sharon Taylor Productions Producer Agreement as long as these standards are followed.
  • New Producers and programs to Sharon Taylor Productions will be given a 1 year agreement, upon approval of the programs submitted. The Producer Agreement may be renewed solely at the discretion of Sharon Taylor Productions management. Factors that will determine Producer Agreements being renewed are adherence to these standards, production value of program with particular reference to artistic excellence and artistic merit, and popularity of program.
  • Time slots for which Producer Agreements which have expired will become available to programs on the Sharon Taylor Productions waiting list. Producer Agreements may be renewed solely at the discretion of Sharon Taylor Productions management.
  • Programs that graphically depict violence or illegal use of drugs, or that contain indecent material, including depictions of sexual or excretory activities or body parts, or that contain explicit discussion of adult themes not appropriate for children such as, but not limited to, sexual activities, will not be aired.
  • A Producer does not have the right to change the title or concept of a program once it has been approved for inclusion in Sharon Taylor Productions programming schedule without prior approval of the Sharon Taylor Productions Station Manager. Changing a title of the concept of a program without prior approval is grounds for immediate cancellation of the program.
  • A series may only rerun or re-use portions of footage from previously aired programs four times within one year.

Program Submission Standards

Any producer interested in a program to be aired on Sharon Taylor Productions must submit a complete program, along with completed Project Description and Professional History Forms. Sharon Taylor Productions personnel will review the program for compliance with these standards.

  • A Producer must fill out, sign and return to Sharon Taylor Productions a LOCAL ORIGINATION SHARON TAYLOR PRODUCTIONS PRODUCER AGREEMENT before the producer’s program will be accepted for cablecast. This document will be delivered to a prospective supplying Producer to Sharon Taylor Productions once the Producer’s program has been reviewed and the invitation to supply to Sharon Taylor Productions has been made and accepted.
  • A program must be delivered no later than 72 hours before cablecast. If you have special circumstances that prevent you from meeting this requirement, arrangements must be made with the traffic coordinator. Any program not meeting this requirement without prior arrangements being made may not air.
  • It is the responsibility of the Producer to keep contact information up to date. The inability of Sharon Taylor Productions personnel to contact the Producer of a show due to out of date contact information may result in cancellation of the show’s time slot.


Only VIP Producers are eligible to air shows on the Sharon Taylor Productions Website, Cable and Satellite TV channels. Your channel will also be available in our main directory for viewers to find. This is a great way for your channel to get noticed by new viewers. Download, sign and submit forms. Your submission materials must be accompanied by a signed TV Channel User Agreement. Sharon Taylor Productions cannot review any submissions until these forms are on file. Download an Origination Producer Agreement, Program Submission Guidelines, Program Scheduling Request Form, Project Description, Professional History Form, Submission Release Form, TV/Radio Channel User Submission Agreement-Part A, TV/Radio Channel User Submission Agreement-Part B. (PDF; Adobe Reader required) from this site or call (844) 426.7788 to request forms.

Production/Technical Standards


  • Programs must be produced on broadcast-quality state-of-the-art video equipment. b. All programs submitted to Sharon Taylor Productions must demonstrate technical competence in the following areas: directing, camera operation (in particular shot composition and movement), lighting, editing, and sound design of overall program.
  • Programs can be two camera productions or one camera field productions that are tightly edited to give and overall effect comparable to a two-camera production using a switcher to take a shot from one camera to the other.
  • If other production elements such as film clips, slides, photos, and audio bites are incorporated into a program or spots, they must be of comparable production quality and content as the other major elements of the program or spots.
  • Under no circumstances may the Producer enter Sharon Taylor Productions master control area. The Producer may only enter Sharon Taylor Productions offices and other technical areas with the permission of Sharon Taylor Productions staff.


  • The entire program must have clear, non-distorted audio of sufficient volume. If music is used, the music must be integrated with other audio to provide a balanced sound mix.
  • There must be audio on both channels. Audio must be in stereo.


You can help to make Sharon Taylor Productions better by participating. Please visit our feedback page for details on how you can leave us feedback.

Questions, Comments or Concerns

Should you have other questions, comments or concerns about these terms and conditions please visit our contact page or note contact information at the bottom of this page.


The Standard Guidelines was last updated on February 3, 2020.


The Standard Guidelines is used under license. The copyright is owned by Sharon Taylor Productions.


Sharon Taylor Productions Contact: 323.345.4952

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